The Seven Sins - Sloth

My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time

- Charles Dickens -

In Christian moral tradition, particularly within Catholicism, sloth is deemed as one of the seven deadly sins. Most people see it merely as laziness or the avoidance of any physical or spiritual work. However, there is actually more to it than that.  The Greek word for this sin “acedia” literally means “absence of care”, which can be understood as indifference or negligence. Therefore, sloth shall refer to spiritual and emotional apathy, negligence of God’s teachings and both physical and emotional inactivity. Linked with the color light blue and the goat, it is the failure to fulfill our most basis duties.

Caused by lack of faith in God, the sin of sloth makes us neglect grace and all that is necessary for our salvation and probably lose some certain place, person, thing, skill or ideas that nonetheless require attention or support to exist. At times, sloth is manifested in the form of boredom and laziness with no spiritual effort. Nevertheless, the sin can also be seen in an immersion in worldly issues, as an excuse to forgo any spiritual reflection or contemplation. Therefore, strange as it may seem, the deadly sin of sloth is common to both lazybones and workaholics!

It is utterly dangerous if we let sloth reside in our minds. By destroying any intention of us to attain grace, the vice allow us to hold on to and gradually be enslaved by our sinful habits, thereby leading to the eventual loss of our souls. Take a look at our actions and behaviors to identify these indicators of sloth: indifference towards spiritual matters, idleness, procrastination or delaying doing something until later, dissipation or spurious engagement with worldly activities that prevent us from attending to our soul’s needs. With sloth in our heart, we lose the will to strive for our goals, we do things with reluctance and no enjoyment and we talk more than we do. For the short life that we live, sloth is a huge and damaging downside. Not only do we lose the chance to reap merit and success, which might have been achieved if we had made sufficient effort, the sin of sloth poses us to threat of prolonged Purgatory and eternal damnation.

To combat sloth, one needs the aid of its opposing virtue of diligence, which will help us fulfill our spiritual duties with so much more ease and joy. Moreover, by properly catering to the needs of our souls, we forget the desires to sin and are not bothered by any temptations. It is wise to identify one’s priorities and take stock of one’s schedule. Reasonably and logical scheduling will help lazybones keep up on task and workaholics make time for religious duties and any other neglected priorities.

Do what you know needs to be done

― Lynda A. Calder -

@Kevin La