The Seven Sins - Lust

In love the other is important; in lust you are important

- Osho -

As one of the seven deadly sins of human, lust (Latin, luxuria) is highly relevant to our modern society. It can be understood as an intense sexual desire or an unrestrained yearning for pleasures of the body. Nevertheless, it can be extended to cover other kinds of desire, such as the lust for power, acknowledgement, wealth or knowledge. In general, the sin of lust concerns various forms of excessive wanting for any objects, people or abstract concepts. It is commonly symbolized by the color blue and the image of a cow.

Undeniably, we can see that a great number of social problems in today’s society can be traced back to the human lust. With the society’s view towards lust and sex having been much more open than in the past, the consequences are unfortunately deteriorating. The morally worrying increase in casual sexual encounters, teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, single parent families and divorce frequency are more or less disrupting the stability of societies. A considerable proportion of marriages nowadays experiences problematic issues relating to infidelity in one or both partners. This infidelity that stems from unrestrained lust can roughly jeopardize the lives of not only the marriage partners but also their innocentchildren who have nothing to do with this.

You get wasted on lust and warmed on love

- Jackson Rathbone, American actor and musician -

It can be said that the Cyber world bears a part of responsibility in the prevalence of lust. By allowing billions of individuals around the world to gain easy access to pornographic materials, the Internet has helped bring many to the trap of lust, many a time in their complete ignorance. The frequent contact with sexual visual stimuli must play a part in planting the obsession of lust in people’s head, thereby leading them to committing this deadly sin to satisfy their curiosity and worldly desires. Disturbing as it may be, technology not only connects people; it also connects people to “unwanted” people.  This fact can be clearly seen in how email, chat rooms and cell phone messages have increasingly been used to assist adultery and secret romances.

Moreover, we might not have realized these ourselves but most of us have fallen victim to their own sin of lust and get taken advantaged of in the consumer society. Advertisements make use of this weakness within us, show us images of appealing people and trick us into thinking that the purchase of a certain kind of clothing, accessories or asset will help us achieve that same allure. One way or another, our lust to possess or actually become the objects of desire has allowed the advertising industry to manipulate us.

Besides, we might want to curb our own lust if we do not want to suffer the terrible punishment for this sin. It has been said in Dante’s Inferno that sinners of lust are blown about in non-stop hurricane-like winds, which are the image of how we can be bound by our lustful passions and made blind to our real priorities in life.

Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed

- Bhagavad Gita -

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