Story of Sins


Every one of us has, deeply within ourselves, sins that mark the path of our life. Nobody could ever possibly live without any sin residing in the soul. That’s what makes the vicissitudes of life, what makes us human! Sins are not necessarily bad, or something so despicable that it should be gotten rid of or eradicated. Sins have bad sides of course, but you cannot deny their good sides. What matters is how you get aware of and treat your sins. The best way is to let the sins become what they are supposed to. Let life turn to the way it is designed to!

The mindset of modern generation is not of come weak afore the obstacles confronted in life. Obstacles are there for us to pass! Only when you are strong and determined in your mind to surpass such obstacles, to surpass yourself for the ultimate goals can you find the meaning and happiness in life.


In this mode of the game, players will go through the many originations of sins. This is where the sins begin, where it all comes from! Revelation is the inner world of each human being. Looking into this dark mysterious world, you can find your true self and your sins. This game mode is the journey to the spiritual world deep within each of us human beings, to explore ourselves and to find our sins. Calm your mind, relax and take a careful look into each of your actions and thoughts! Every action and though we make every day has a sign of sins: Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, and Pride.


Solicitude: a revolution in the inner world of people, namely Sins players. In this mode of the game, players have realized what sin lies in their soul. Now is the time for them to fight the challenges awaiting on their path to the Vanquishment. Anxiety, confusion, self-imposed blame on the obstacles, challenges and the pivotal decision of “to move on or to give up?” are the chaos in the inner world of Sins player. This is the Solicitude that you have to go through on this chosen path.

Such challenges may cause great trouble to you. But all in all, what is the victory for if it is not achieved over great feats? The challenges of Solicitude is the open gate that leads to the goal of determination and patience.

This is, however, still just the beginning of a greater fight to surpass yourself. The more you fight, the more it fights back. This incessantly growing fight will never stop and sins will keeping occupying in your mind, until you find the key for the ultimate victory.


This is the fight mode! This is where you fight with everything you have! The fight will burst out vehemently with fierce resistance from the sins. They try to consume us! We do our utmost to dominate them!

Sins will take over our mind and distort every concept held within it. Sins make us weak, scared, vulnerable. They will try to drag us to the fearsome dark world of irremediable sins. This is the ghastly world of sins, the daunting chaos of mind. At this stage, nobody can help you. There is even nobody there to give you help! The only thing you can count on to surpass yourself is your own experience, your own awareness of the intellectual existence of your mind. Take control of the natural laws to give you strength in this game mode!


It is over. The fight is no more. This mode is the heath of self-actualization and intellectualization. This heaven of experience and achievements is awaiting you behind all the fights. The ending part of the exploration journey.

The very power of enlightenment, experience and knowledge gained from the journey will eventually become the weapon that lends you the strength and power to add to your own development. This is where you get aware that you have surpassed yourself and performed a memorable deed.


Sins are everywhere around us. 7 deadly sins appear in every niche of our daily life as an inevitable part.

What are sins? Where do they come from?

Sins are us. Sins come from our mind, our ego. Therefore, we can never completely eradicate the sins. We can’t.

@Kevin La